12000MAH Natural leather power bank E26 leather power bank, is made of leather refined through special tannage and coating process
The appearance and texture are exquisite and noble, and can be attached to the fuselage
without any wear and tear on the phone.
Soft leather, fits your mobile phone perfectly It is made of leather with comfortable hand feel, soft surface, close to your phone. DETAILS >
Be colorful and nice presentation Choose a color that suits you DETAILS >
High current output, one step faster Dual port, 2.1A output, faster charging speed, more equipment compatibility. Two devices can be charged at the same time without waiting. DETAILS >
Lithium polymer cell, optimized current management We use high quality double layer lithium polymer cell and powerful current management chips.
This makes the charging output more stable and durable.
It is compatible with mainstream mobile phones and tablets in the market.



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