10000MAH leather wireless charging power bank EW31 wireless power bank, made of leather with special tanning and finishing process
The appearance and texture all show delicate and noble, and can be close to your phone, no wear and tear on the phone
Wireless charging base + mobile power bank No need to aim, throw away the cable, carry it around or treat is as a wireless charging base, to get whatever you want. DETAILS >
Charging and discharging When plugging in, put the phone on it then start charging , no need press button, automatic identification.
Standard protocol for almost all wireless phones.
Soft leather,
feel free to fit your mobile phone
It is made of comfortable leather with soft surface and fit your
mobile phone freely.
Colorful sides, try to show you somethings that you want Choose the colors that suit youDETAILS >
Double USB big current output, one step faster Not only can it be charged wirelessly, but also supports dual-port usb2.1a output,
which is faster to charge and compatible with more devices
Moreover it support wireless charging, can charge three devices at the same time without waiting.
Get plenty of power anytime, anywhere At home as a charging base, maintain sufficient power anytime,
say goodbye to the embarrassment of no power



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